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We feature an all-encompassing technology suite that includes new hardware, newest versions of software, the right business platform for your operations to thrive, remote support that is always available, and CIO level guidance and consulting for a monthly per user price.


We even include a disaster recovery plan in the event of something unforeseen. If fire or flood strikes at your office, your data is secure and you can access your system from a remote interim location. Our approach offers an amazing value for Managed IT Services.


Provided system components:

Rocket Fast Thin client workstation with 22 inch monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Business grade firewall gateway with properly configured switch


Secure and robust wireless service for your office (ready to surf)


Properly matched internet service – we can incorporate your existing contract into our service offering

(Business Phones may be provided as an option)


All system applications, email, and shared file access is hosted in our secure virtual cloud environment which authorized users can safely access from anywhere.

Your business applications will be migrated and housed on our virtual server environment and will replace your on premise servers. Never buy another server or workstation.

Scalability – when you need to add a user, remove a user, or application simply contact our support gateway and we will complete the request. No more capacity issues to consider.

If a user needs more RAM or storage, an increase in resources can occur at your request.

Provisions can be made for power users needing enhanced resources such as architects and engineers.


All support is included in your monthly per user price. Vendor support is unified into one solution including internet service (ISP) phones, software, hardware, and all user support needs. (No more finger pointing allowed)

Stop waiting for a technician – remote support is always there for you and… when onsite support is needed – just schedule an appointment.

Remote Support is available 24 x 7 x 365 with full system access. Users can access support from any location at any time.

All system maintenance, updates, security patches and software upgrades are included.

You will also have access to Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) advisement to stay ahead of your ongoing enterprise system needs. Specialty and business software needs are fully managed by NthaCloud.


Anti-virus software, SPAM filtering, system monitoring, and content filtering options are included.

Your data is stored at a secure colocation center in the continental USA with backups and disaster recovery in place.

Industry compliance requirements and security audits are addressed by our certified team of IT professionals.

This plan is perfect for healthcare organizations trying to keep pace with HIPAA regulations.


For the ultimate in Managed IT Services we offer a monthly per user fee.


Billing is simplified and predictable – a monthly per user fee is assigned to your account after a needs assessment is completed.

Pricing starts at $ 195/user/month with a 15 user minimum.

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