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What Your IT Department May Not Know Regarding Power Users

One of the catch phrases in technology today is to move everything to the cloud. Many astute business owners question why they still have servers, aging equipment to maintain, and backup in case of a failure. So why not eradicate your server closet contents and leverage cloud computing by replacing your physical premise servers with cloud servers? There are many advantages such as pricing, uptime advantages and many more benefits to consider. However, when the discussion comes up for true consideration, many IT personnel point out that the cloud is good for everyone else except for power users. Examples of power users are designers, architects, and engineers.

These specialists need much higher resources than other enterprise users. They need more storage, more RAM, and faster processors to run their resource intense applications. The problem in the past has been a speed issue when trying to move a power user to the cloud.

With advances in technology and bandwidth enhancements, power users can successfully leverage cloud computing now and still maintain speed and processing performance. Cloud power users can now take advantage of remote access to heavy files and gain rapid access to their data when traveling or working from home.

For example, a prominent design firm has projects in several countries. Their design staff travels and meets with clients and prospects worldwide. Until recently, they were downloading their presentations and files and taking them with them on their travels. They did not have rapid access for file sharing or collaboration when changes needed to be made. Their leadership team discovered cloud computing for power users and they were able to move their system entirely to the cloud. Their designers are now able to make changes and collaborate with their staff and others when on the road. This ability to make live changes and receive client input on a project has made the difference in several contracts being awarded on the spot.

In the past, there would have to be another meeting to review and hopefully finalize client changes. These delays not only consume time, but the delays may give an edge to your enlightened competitor who already can make revisions in front of the client, and therefore close your sale.

To find out more about power users and cloud computing contact a sales specialist at for a no obligation assessment.

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