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Your Business Technology Strategy : 8 Myths About Private Cloud Computing That You Should Investiga

Top business leaders know that getting ahead in business means that your primary focus should be devoted to profit centers for your business. Highly successful executives and business owners are always searching for smart ways to decrease overhead and limit focus on non profit producing tasks. Your best efforts should be devoted to conversations about business development, marketing, and enhancing the work life of your workforce. Your technology strategy should support your success.

Many companies have directed too much effort and expense into IT details when there is clearly a better way to manage technology for your business needs. It's time to rethink your technology strategy by leveraging the security, speed, and cost savings of reliable private cloud technology. This enables you to move past your competitors by focusing on your core business objectives.

Recent executive surveys reveal that most business leaders devote way too much time to discussions over technology details when they actually know very little about their systems. More importantly, they have very little control over their technology strategy which clearly needs to support their future success.

“97% of executives are dependent on technology for business success, but 83% lack strategic IT leadership in their organizations” ... (Hartman Business Survey)

Most companies today are still reliant on a dated technology strategy based on creating your own on premise system using hardware, software, labor, and performing upgrades when needed. These systems support an aging IT industry based on the recurrent need to upgrade for increased storage and better security measures while also purchasing monthly cloud services such as offsite backups, anti-virus software, and email hosting. Your system is then modified to make your sub-vendor's software work on your system. These practices are becoming obsolete because the features, services, and functionality can be purchased in a much more advanced and cost effective way. Future upgrades, updates, and security measures can be applied behind the scenes. By properly using private cloud technology, you can bypass an outdated technology strategy, and focus on your core business.

Deploying a proper technology strategy for your business requires change. Change is hard for some, but it is essential in order to stay ahead of your competition. Consequently there are some technology staffers schooled in an outdated technology strategy that still advocate cobbling together your system requirements with premise based hardware, cloud applications, and services that you most likely are buying at a premium price. These same old school technology staffers tell you that you cannot adopt a new technology strategy because it will not work and be too expensive. Here are 8 common objections or myths that are circulated about cloud technology:

1) Our proprietary software will not work on a cloud server. Actually it will. Today your applications and data reside on a server in your server closet. Your data will reside on a different server dedicated to you that resides in a safe and secure data center. This data center has multiple internet sources and electrical power backups. It has a much higher level of security and redundancy than is economically feasible for you to provide. Rather than taking my word for it, my sincere recommendation is for you to tour our data center,, and you will become a raving fan when you see it for yourself. This no obligation tour will enable you to see firsthand where your data resides and why it is so much safer. You will meet our team of technology talent, and see why you are hiring an amazing IT department at a wholesale price.

2) You will lose access to your data. Actually you will have more access to your data and systems. Our platform offers you around the clock access to reports and new technology resources that you currently do not have on your current premise based server. You also have the ability to grant access to those on your team needing access to data or applications. You also have the ability to govern and limit access to your users as you deem appropriate. This is probably not something that you can do today without going through your technology staff.

3) If you lose internet service then you are in big trouble. You are also in big trouble if you lose internet service to your current server. Many of its features will not work without internet service. Moving your systems to a secure data center that has multiple internet sources and power backups gives you peace of mind that if an internet or power outage occurs, you will have backup internet sources available to keep access to your data. This is another reason why I recommend an onsite tour of our facility. After touring our facility, you will be amazed at all the safeguards that are in place.

4) Everything will run slower based on slower internet connections. We monitor your systems and internet service. As a matter of fact we include your internet service management in our platform. We will take responsibility for you having proper bandwidth and firewall management. This is part of our “no finger pointing allowed” policy among vendors. We deliver daily results not excuses. We will provide and manage your internet, printers, switches, firewall, and wireless for all of your users and facilities. All included.

5) Our software vendors will not have access to our data. We can grant access to your software vendors. Software vendors and other consultants can be granted access based on your permissions to be able to work on your system and data sets.

6) You will lose control, and security will be out of your hands. Part of the issue we see with dated IT strategy is that you really have limited control and access today because you have to go through your IT staff for total access anyway. Most likely there are a limited amount of people who really know the entire layout of your system. They also know the vulnerabilities and perhaps even have backdoor access. You also have the ability to limit access to anyone on your team you designate. What about insider threats? Does someone have the ability today to hold you hostage or manipulate your users because of their administrative system access? Technology auditors praise our system architecture for the security features and built in safeguards that disallow insider threats and address compliance concerns.

7) We have power users that use high resource applications. We support many companies with designated power users such as engineers, architects, and design professionals. Our powerful platform can provide an optimal user experience for users with high storage and processing requirements. Many such users are thrilled at the enhanced processing and remote access features gained by moving to our CAD in the Cloud platform.

8) The migration or cut over process will be painful. We have successfully migrated and even transformed many great companies to our secure platform. We start with an in depth assessment of your current technology architecture. Then we assess all of your current needs and priorities for your system, and then we plan for a proper migration and cut over. Our team of project engineers work out a detailed game plan that we execute on a weekend convenient for you. Upon completion, our team is onsite at your facility to make sure things are working according to plan so that your migration experience is as seamless and nondisruptive as possible.

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