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Never Buy Hardware Again – Are You at a Technology Crossroad?

no hardware or project costs from NthaClouD

The same technology cycle has continued for years in small businesses everywhere. About every five years your aging servers have to be upgraded. In tandem with expensive technology upgrades, you must purchase hardware, servers, storage, maintenance and backups. Your employees and your industry ask for the latest in applications. If you do not provide proper technology tools, then your productivity may decline. Without current security measures, you may expose your company to cyber security threats. So you must stay current or risk some bad consequences.

Newsflash! You no longer have to buy hardware or software when you move to a complete cloud solution. Most business owners simply do not believe the simplicity of this concept. They are expecting a catch. (There is no catch – it’s just time for smart business owners to leverage cloud computing. Hint: Your out of date technology company will not like this idea and neither will your old school technology staff.) Once and for all, your servers, applications, storage, security, and desktops can all reside in a private cloud with around the clock access and support for your users anywhere that an internet connection can be found.

Technology and enhanced bandwidth have made the difference. It's just like the price of televisions. They have come down. SO has the price of technology. Another great benefit is that your data and system will be monitored around the clock by a team of cyber security experts. This is one of the many included features provided by NthaCloud.

Perhaps your company is faced with a technology upgrade. You are at a crossroad. Before buying another round of expensive equipment based on dated and expensive technology, schedule a free assessment with your cloud computing experts at NthaCloud. The best news of all is that with a cloud solution you can bypass the expense of hardware, and operating software costs as well as the set up and installation project costs by moving your system to NthaCloud.

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