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The Real Impact of Using Green Technology: Reduce Landfill Deposits

How environmentally friendly is your technology solution? The notion of Green Technology is circulated in marketing messages, and we all want to adopt Green solutions when possible. For example, when we use public transportation, we reduce pollutants and lessen city traffic. We save time and use less energy by not driving our own car during peak traffic. Over time, we can see the impact globally.

In business computing, what is the direct impact of using a green technology solution? Does using green technology really make a difference? Yes, it makes a tremendous difference. By adopting a proper cloud solution, we can dramatically reduce landfill deposits. Americans discard 112,000 workstations every day. Nationally, we only recycle about 15% of electronic waste.

How much of a reduction are we talking about? It's an amazing amount. For example, in just the downtown Denver area alone, there are about 130,000 workers that show up every day. Let’s estimate that there are 100,000 desktops or workstations that are used daily by these workers. The average life expectancy of a standard workstation is five years.

This means that every month there are about 1600 worn out workstations sent to landfills from downtown Denver. The alarming part of this statement is that it takes over a million years for a plastic workstation to decompose. There are also many pollutants and harmful chemicals that decaying workstations emit into our environment while they decompose.

By choosing private cloud computing, you are not only helping the environment by dramatically reducing landfill, you are also saving energy and reducing energy costs. When you choose cloud computing for your business, the workstation tower is no longer needed. Your desktop resides in a data center and is housed on much more efficient hardware. Over time, using a cloud solution will dramatically reduce landfill deposits. The impact of the energy savings is another topic worthy of your consideration, but we will discuss that another time.

To learn more about the many benefits of private cloud computing, contact Nthacloud at 303-565-7261 or

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