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4 Things All Successful Business Owners Must Know About Their Technology!

technology essentials for owners

An integral part of being a successful business owner is keeping tabs on all of the moving parts of your business. There is, of course, the ever important focus on profitability. You must have an excellent reputation, and offer an appropriate service level. You have to know about your overhead costs. You have to know about cash flow, income, taxes, and make sure that all the moving parts are moving in the right direction. One such area that you have to have a basic understanding is in technology. Surprising or not, many owners have a very limited or nonexistent knowledge of their information technology (IT) systems. They have delegated this essential task to someone who knows technology (hopefully). This strategy would be perfectly fine if everything always goes well. Regrettably, nothing ever goes well all of the time.

Many business owners will say things like, “I’m just not technical!” or “I really know nothing about computers.” To trust all of your data, billing, banking, and records in your virtual environment to someone else, is really not an acceptable strategy. Regrettably, things can happen with whoever is in charge of your technology. They could win the lottery and take off. They could get a better offer and leave you. They could be taking advantage of you. They could be in over their head, and you are unaware of the looming crisis. Their technology knowledge level may be seriously dated. The above circumstances regrettably occur more often than you would think.

Therefore you should have a basic understanding of what your technology suite does for you.

Here are the absolute essentials that all business owners should know: (do not laugh or judge – many business owners are uninformed or misinformed regarding these basic essentials)

  1. Administrative Level Access- (Admin) User Name and Passwords for system access – server(s) and firewall - cloud systems too

  2. An inventory list of all hardware and software licenses with a basic system diagram including phone system details

  3. ISP (internet service provider) information – account number and service level

  4. Security Measures in place – antivirus protection, password policy, user access, and back up strategy in place

System Access – many owners cannot even access their own system. “I used to know how to get in there but the passwords have been changed.” “I was told by my tech not to mess with anything” You should still have access. It’s your system, and you are responsible for the security and preservation of your records and all data.

Not having system access credentials is like having a car with no keys.

Inventory list – this list should be maintained as changes occur. Without a proper inventory list and associated software licenses you could lose thousands of dollars if an unforeseen event occurs. You also need to have warranty information so that you can leverage any warranty coverage in the event of a system failure. You also need information for any cloud applications that you use.

Trying to scramble together this information when a system failure occurs is not an enjoyable task.

ISP – it is important to keep up with your Internet provider to make sure that this side of your system operates efficiently. Many business owners overpay dramatically for their internet access. This should be reviewed annually to make sure that you are getting the best level of service to run your system.

Is it your primary concern to make the Internet Companies Extra Income?

Security Measures – This section should not need much of an explanation. There are many virtual criminals ready to take your data and your money. You should have a proper security strategy in place. You also need to have a disaster recovery plan in place should you have a total data loss.

It is simply too late to review your homeowner’s coverage after your house burns down.

For professional and reliable help with getting your technology systems squared away, contact your sales specialist at NthaCloud. We can assess your current system and recommend a solution that will take care of all of your technology needs including the list of essential items above. Call 303-565-7261 today or email

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