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Attention Small Business Owners: Move IT to the Cloud!

Move IT to a proper cloud solution

Now is the time to consider moving all of your technology to a cloud solution. Moving your servers, your applications, and your desktops to a proper cloud network is the way to go for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you have some resistance forces that do not want you to move to the cloud for their own selfish reasons.

Here are the typical roadblocks (excuses):

  • My particular application will not work in the cloud (Yes, it will! Even power users can work efficiently in a properly configured Cloud environment.)

  • Cloud Applications are too slow (Not anymore – enhanced and affordable bandwidth has eradicated this excuse.)

  • It will be expensive (Not anymore – the cost of cloud computing has come down immensely due to the efficiency and ability to share resources.)

  • It is not secure.Your data could be compromised (Cloud systems are monitored by security experts around the clock with superior antivirus software and Fort Knox level protection.There is absolutely no way that your data is safer in a server closet at your office.)

The above excuses are tossed around all the time. The clear reality is that cloud solutions are safe, scalable, robust, and affordable. A cloud solution spreads all the technology costs of hardware, security, monitoring, backups, and support among all users. You only have to pay for what you use. You can increase usage or decrease usage as your company grows. You never ever pay for server hardware or system upgrades again.

Many well-meaning employees push back against a cloud solution because they do not like change. Many of your technology employees or vendors resist the cloud because they do not want to give up any control or influence. It may make them feel vulnerable about their position. Nonetheless, you should research cloud options to assess the benefits for you. There are many amazing benefits that you can realize quickly:

  • Simplicity - unified vendor solutions for phones, technology and internet service (one call does it all).

  • Scalable pricing – pay a fixed price per user – all support, hardware, operating software and internet service is included.

  • Accessible – your entire network becomes readily and safely accessible to all users from anywhere.

  • Security – your data resides in a secure environment meeting your industry compliance requirements. You also have the ability to limit and control data access when a need arises. Perhaps an employee leaves your company. You have the ability to secure access immediately.

  • Around the clock support is included. When a need arises, support is just a phone call away (anytime and from anywhere). Onsite support is included as well.

As you can imagine there are many quick wins for your company when you move your system and support to a proper cloud environment.

For a no obligation assessment contact your sales technologist today at NthaCloud by calling 303-565-7261 or contact

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