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When in Doubt, Delegate

As an executive or business owner, do you find yourself sidetracked with low level tasks at the office? (chores can be a bore…) When you evaluate your time usage, do you end up going home pleased knowing that your day was spent productively? Or, have you headed home exhausted and frustrated because you spent meaningful time performing tasks that should be delegated to others. Worse yet, is your well paid staff trying to lend a helping hand by taking on tasks that could be delegated? As a new business evolves, the key to success is focusing on creating and enhancing revenue. Many small businesses fail or stagnate because the well-meaning staff focusses on nonessential tasks that have to be done but clearly do not contribute to profitability. A winning strategy to adopt is “Delegate when in doubt” This means that you should delegate tasks that are not revenue generating especially when you are not an expert in that field.

At first glance, the auto response is “I cannot afford to delegate tasks that I can do myself.” The reality is that you cannot afford to neglect revenue production while performing tasks that someone else can accomplish for a lower cost. How much is your time worth when you are producing revenue? What about your staff? Should they focus on creating revenue or performing lower impact tasks? Your success is based on prioritization. Priorities are accomplished by delegating properly. The reality is you are robbing yourself when you spend time and energy on tasks that can be delegated.

Examples of tasks that can be delegated:

  • Human Resources

  • Ordering office supplies and equipment.

  • Technology items: software, hardware, printers, disaster recovery, wireless

  • Telephones

  • Internet Services

  • Other items pertinent to your business

Case Study: Recently a commercial real estate firm evaluated their technology needs and quickly discovered that they could combine their technology suite, office phones, and internet service into one vendor. This delegation strategy has resulted in substantial savings both monetarily and in resources. (The even bigger win is that their technology works! They also have better bandwidth) Prior to delegating these tasks they had one of their office staff managing all of these items. This person was frustrated because she was having to neglect other priorities and was constantly faced with dropping everything to address internet outages and technology items that were needing her immediate attention. Her coworkers were frustrated as well, and this quagmire was causing deep frustration with all the employees. Since making this decision revenues have increased, workflow is much improved and the entire company feels empowered to succeed.

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