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Protecting Your Business When Disaster Strikes

Regrettably disastrous events occur that can cause disruption to your business. Perhaps a natural disaster strikes from a weather event. It could be as simple as a power outage. A few minutes is workable but what if the power goes out for an extended period? It could be a more disastrous event such as a flood, fire or a destructive tornado or hurricane. Other disasters that occur may be mischief from a hacker, a computer virus or even a disgruntled employee. In any event every business should have a plan in place for disaster recovery in the event of a total system loss. Otherwise the future of your business could be in jeopardy. How long could you function with no access to billing or customer account information?

We hear from companies that they have a disaster recovery plan in place. We have been called to many disaster ridden scenes where the backup plan was inadequate. Some well-meaning solutions might be to have an external drive with a copy of your data. The problem that may occur with this strategy is that the drive may fail itself over time. In many cases the external drive may be taken out of service inadvertently and therefore the data set is incomplete. The bottom line is that external drives can help but are not always 100 % reliable. Other more advanced solutions may be to have an onsite backup server with an active copy of your data for safekeeping. This works well for many instances but if your office burns down so does this backup server.

Another strategy is to subscribe to an offsite backup service. This is a great solution where a secure copy of your data resides on another server in a collocation facility and is there in the event of a disaster. This service can be expensive and depending on the type of service may take a while for recovery or still only provide a partial recovery option. When disaster strikes what will be the impact on your business if you have to wait for days or weeks for a new system to be configured?

A solid option is to move your entire system to the cloud and rely on a permanent and real time solution for disaster recovery. A true disaster recovery plan is built in to your cloud system at NthaCloud for no additional charge. If disaster strikes at your office you can still work from any internet connection. Your staff can still conduct business and access your data. By choosing a solid cloud provider, such as NthaCloud, even replacement hardware will be sent to your office at no additional cost.

To learn more about a safe cloud system for your business contact for a no obligation assessment.

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