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Hack Attacks – How Can You Protect Your Business from a Virus?

Regrettably your business is under attack from some bad guys somewhere in the world who want to disrupt your computers, steal your data, and make some money off of your vulnerability. So how can you protect yourself and still operate your business? One simple solution is to install antivirus software. The only issue is that the bad guys will figure out a new way to overcome the latest issue of anti-virus protection. It’s only a matter of time. Remember, the antivirus software has to be updated. Who will carry the burden of updates? The good news is that there is a better way.

However, before we mention a better way, you may be thinking about another simple solution which is to have a proper firewall to protect your internet traffic and keep the bad guys out. Even with the firewall in place, one of your users (even you) could receive an innocent looking email and then click on it. This innocent click can be the avenue for the virus to enter your system. Viruses today may remain latent on your system for a while and then strike later once they have infected more of your system. These latent effects are not only extremely detrimental but they can strike when no one is watching, and when the evidence of the virus appears, it is only because your entire system has been compromised. Regrettably it’s too late. The damage is done.

At this point you have to call in for technical reinforcements who rely on your backups to recreate your system at a previous point in time before the damage occurred. The challenge is that you are reliant on proper backups. You may lose some data which could obviously be an issue. You will also lose current production because your system is down for the duration of this viral attack. The losses in revenue can mount up quickly. The costs of any data loss to your customers can also mount up quickly as well.

What about a better way for protection? The best defense for safeguarding your system is a superb offense. The best way to accomplish this is to move your system to a private cloud hosted solution. Your entire system can reside behind an iron clad firewall with strong anti-virus protection as well as around the clock monitoring. A team of security experts will be protecting your data to make sure that your data is safeguarded properly all the time; 24 / 7. You will always have a state of the art firewall. You will always have the latest in anti-virus protection. Your business computing will be safe. By choosing the right provider you will be a head of the technology curve.

To learn more about safeguarding your system once and for all, contact NthaCloud today for a no obligation consultation. 303-565-7261

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