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Cloud Computing Provides Small Business Owners with Ongoing Data Protection

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Susie has built her catering and events planning company from the ground floor. One of her recurrent customers asked her about compliance requirements for her company’s information technology. She began to realize that her employees had access to her list of business contacts. She also realized that there are emails with lots of pertinent information that contributes to her company’s competitive advantages and their processes that have been painstakingly developed over time. There are documents, forms, files and templates that are also proprietary components of her success.

What could happen if a trusted employee left, but on their way out the door they captured some of this intelligence for their own gain? Not only could she be liable for any client data that was compromised, but she also saw how vulnerable her data was. She came to learn that the way her computer system had evolved over time led to many holes and buckets where very important data is stored. Data was stored on workstations and different server drives. Her company has laptops and remote access for users. These features may increase workflow and access, but there may also be vulnerabilities where data could escape. This liability has become a large concern. What if some of this information was published on the internet or furnished to one of her competitors?

After further research, she determined that DaaS (desktop as a service) has security features built in that could protect her company from many of these data security issues. By using a DaaS infrastructure, she could protect her data and who has access to it, very easily and very quickly. This cloud computing strategy stores no data locally and so no information is vulnerable to being snatched away. All data is stored safely in a controlled and secure data center. When an employee departs, access can instantaneously be denied. The former employee will have no way to retrieve information since all of their data and email is in a safe cloud environment.

To learn more about DaaS, its secure features, and many other cloud computing benefits, contact your sales specialist at NthaCloud by calling 303-565-7261 or today.

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