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Is Your Business Being Oversold on Bandwidth?

One component of your business being profitable is managing costs properly. Pretty much all businesses have internet service which is charged monthly. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is selected by you primarily because they offer service to your building. They also compete with a limited amount of other providers to your location, and therefore your choices and prices are limited to their offerings. They typically tell you that they have a great package and can combine phone service, possibly cable TV, and even other technology features.

How many small business owners even know how much bandwidth they need? Is it possible that your business has way more bandwidth than needed? Could you being paying significantly more per month to your ISP for service not needed? Brace yourself, but typically the answer is yes. Many small businesses end up paying double for what they really need. Remember you do not buy your gasoline in 1000 gallon increments because you do not consume that type of volume and have nowhere to store it. It’s the same concept with bandwidth and some rather large offerings from your ISP. It may be a great deal, but that does not mean that it is cost effective to overbuy unused bandwidth every month just because it’s a great deal. You could spend these dollars elsewhere.

One of the great features of using a cloud technology provider, like NthaCloud, is that we include your ISP bill in our monthly per user fee. That is right. We take on your internet billing and all related support (even phone service and support if desired). If you have an internet outage or need any support, we take care of it. We coordinate any issues with the Internet Protocol Addresses and any related programming. No additional charges are levied. All the support is already included.

Our customers remark constantly that this is one of their very favorite parts of our offering. When any technical issue arises, they just contact us, and we get right to work on resolving the issue and coordinating all associated vendors. There is no finger pointing or issue trying to coordinate all the vendors and begging for a solution. There is no stack of service charges looming for you to work through down the road.

For a no obligation consultation contact your sales professional at NthaCloud today by calling 303-565-7261 or contact

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