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CryptoLocker Virus – Pay the Ransom or Pay a Tech Company. An Even Better Solution Exists.

We hear about ransomware attacks all the time. We hear about cyber criminals and extortion attempts. Why do these vulnerabilities occur so frequently? The challenge is whether or not your small business network is properly protected? Is your current technology team truly capable of monitoring and assessing your system’s security against these devious cyber criminals? Can you take that risk any longer?

The solution is no longer hoping that you have the latest and greatest antivirus software that is properly installed and managed across your system. There are so many weak points, and cyber criminals are more and more devious. Once the crypto locker virus invades your system, it is only a matter of time before your business can be brought to a halt. All of your customer data, contact lists, and correspondence are at risk. When abruptly faced with this fiasco, many small business owners turn back to their technologist that actually allowed this event to occur. They beg for a solution from the person that allowed this calamity to arise. Some executives quickly realize this and seek another technology company that is perhaps recommended to them or a company that they may have googled, only to find out that they must pay dearly to get out of this perilous situation. Some technology companies prey on ransom victims as much or more than the cyber criminals. There are others that specialize in system restoration, and they will levy some brutal and very costly requirements on you. Is this really something that a small business owner wants to face?

Prior to enduring all of this drama and stress, a much better solution is achievable. Imagine a technology company that keeps your data safeguarded all the time, keeps your data properly backed up, and makes sure cutting edge and effective safeguards are in place all the time, every day. This solution provides around the clock support both via remote and at your office when needed. All support, all hardware, and all system operating software is included as well - all for a monthly per user price.

This solution can be achieved by calling sales support at today. Call 303-565-7261 today and take your small business technology to the cloud. Let the cyber criminals target someone else. Your vulnerabilities are fully eradicated by the support professionals at NthaCloud.

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