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Tools – Are You Equipping Your Employees With the Right Technology Tools for Success?

technology tools from NthaCloud

In today’s business climate, technology is an instrumental component to your success. Each of your employees rely on your company’s technology to be productive and successful. Keep in mind that even though the pyramids were built brick by brick, today we use up to date materials, automation, and tools to build our vast architectural creations. So why are your employees using 6 year old unreliable workstations? The issue is ... do you provide the right tools for your employees to be successful and satisfied with their workday’s effort?

Here is the sad reality: as an experienced technologist, I have seen time and time again where employees are unproductive and frustrated because their company does not supply the right tools for them to be productive, effective, and efficient. They use old workstations with outdated software, not enough memory, and not enough processing power. They wait for computations to occur. When this occurs, your employees tend to mentally drift to other things. They check their cell phones. They focus on what’s for dinner or what they will do after work once this computer actually catches up!

Many workers wait in a frustrated fashion while they use outdated software and keep inputting data. They have to apply several steps for tasks that really could be automated. It all comes down to one big objection…. Money. As a business owner your primary question is how will I pay for this daunting expense for proper workstations, software, and all the labor and maintenance associated with a complete system upgrade?

May I make a suggestion? Look into a complete cloud computing solution that takes care of all the above concerns at an affordable per user price every month. Dismiss trying to buy the right version of Microsoft Office. No longer worry about adding Ram to an old workstation. Forget about labor bills from your technology provider. Do not worry about anti- virus software and getting hit by CryptoLocker viruses and ransomware.

Instead, contact your sales technologist at NthaCloud today, and ask about a technology refresh consultation. There is no obligation for the free assessment. The beauty is that you will receive all new workstations, all new networking equipment – firewall, switches and a wireless device. All operating software, email, anti-virus software are all included in a per user monthly price. The set up labor, the maintenance, and ongoing unlimited support is also included.

Instead of worrying about technology constraints, contact and focus on your primary business initiatives once and for all. To speak with a sales technologist call us at 303-565-7261.

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