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How Does Your Business Technology Weather a Storm?

cloud computing in a weather related disaster

Disaster can strike in many forms. There are hackers and computer viruses. There are brash competitors always trying to take your customers. What about good old fashioned weather? Recently Carla, who owns and operates a specialty commercial insurance company, was confronted with a weather event that brought her company to a standstill. After several days of massive and unexpected rainfall, the electricity went out in their office building. At first glimpse, she was grateful because her office did not flood. However, it became apparent that the power was not going to come back on any time soon. Her server closet had a battery backup, but it was only good for twenty minutes. This is the first time Carla realized that the expensive battery backup system was a short term solution.

As the day progressed, Carla saw that her network was totally nonfunctional and so she began sending her staff home. Ok, she thought, everyone can use an afternoon off. Certainly the power will return soon. After being on hold for an eternity, she finally spoke with her electrical provider, and they said it could be several days before power would resume. Carla was almost in shock because her clients could not reach her. Her company was missing correspondence and was unable to place orders and manage claims.

Ok, she thought, it’s time to panic! Her entire company has screeched to a halt, and no one can work. No one can access their data, and all of their productivity is frozen in time. However, the company’s overhead was in full force, so she started to examine alternatives. Her technology company told her that there is not much that can be done. If they had known beforehand, they could have devised a disaster plan for her technology outage. (Carla wondered why her technology company had not proactively offered alternatives prior to the disaster)

One of Carla’s good friends, Rhonda, worked in the same office building. They ran into each other in the hall. Rhonda was leaving with her laptop and some files. “Looks like I will be working from home for awhile” Her friend told her that their technology was "NthaCloud", so her entire staff was working remotely from home until power resumed. Their company’s production was fully operational. Carla’s company was held hostage by dated technology. Carla knew it was time for action. It was time to move her entire technology suite to the cloud where her employees could have built-in remote access features and she could have predictable pricing and rapid response as well. NthaCloud has around the clock support when needed.

To take your technology suite to a productive cloud solution, call your sales specialist at NthaCloud by dialing 303-565-7261 or email

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