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My Company will get Ahead of the Technology Curve!

NthaCloud Denver IT Support and CLoud Server

It’s time to get in front of business computing technology once and for all. The dated strategy of relying on your “IT Guy” to tell you the same old thing is becoming lame.

Case Study:

Recently the owner of a manufacturing company was frustrated with her rising technology costs and slow response time from her technology provider. After reporting numerous user issues in September, the concerned business owner received an October surprise… It was a proposal from her Technology Company outlining a full upgrade for servers, software and workstations.

Because of her struggle with technology over the past year and the rising expense, the thought of another system upgrade was mind numbing. One of the user’s had a virus this summer. Their technology firm blamed it on aging equipment and software. The user was out of commission for several days waiting for an understandable solution. The only response was more finger pointing and another looming system upgrade.

What about cloud technology? Why should their company rely on 20 year old server and system technology? “There has to be a workable technology solution that is affordable and current.”

This is where NtheCloud comes in. NthaCloud offers a free no obligation technology review. It costs nothing, and it’s a valuable second opinion.

NthaCloud offers a fresh perspective that transforms technology into a comprehensive cloud based platform. Servers, applications, workstations, remote access, and internet service are all promoted to a universal per user price. Going forward, users can be added or removed by simply sending a request to their gateway help desk. You have system access from anywhere, at any time, and have on the spot assistance.

When product research for applications, software, and connectivity is needed, simply contact NthaCloud, and we will help you decide what the best business choices are for your company. All of this service is included at the same monthly per user price. Once you understand how NthaCloud works and how the pricing works, you will see that you can control and forecast your IT expense. You can grow your business with predictable technology costs. Your monthly price includes all support, hardware and basic software. You will never have another October surprise.

Contact your sales specialist at NthaCloud today for a free technology assessment.


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