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What Does Great Service From Your Technology Service Provider Look Like?

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When a company has a specific technology issue, several questions arise: What actually happens to address the issue? When will the issue be resolved? How many steps will be involved, and how much patience will be needed? Who will resolve the issue?

These questions occur due to bad experiences elsewhere from other technology service providers. As a matter of fact, poor service is why a company seeks a new technology service provider in the first place.

For example let’s look at an instance where a user cannot print. Their next step is to call their technology provider, and ask for help. A proactive provider, such as NthaCloud, responds promptly:

“Welcome and how may I help you? Oh, ok I see – you are unable to print. May I remote into your machine? Great – let me take a look. I see there is an issue with the print driver. Let me address the issue – please bear with me another minute. Ok please go ahead and print the document. Did the document print? Ok great. Is there anything else I can assist with today? Thank you – please let me know if you need anything further.”

This instance took about 3.5 minutes. A successful solution was delivered and the user was able to get back to work. This service, as well as all support, is included in the fixed monthly fee. What if the solution did not work? What if an onsite appointment is needed? In that case an onsite technician would be dispatched by appointment to the user’s location to remedy the printing issue. In such an event, it may take a day or so, but a solution will still be provided as quickly as possible. Once again, with NthaCloud this onsite service is included in the fixed monthly fee.

Consequently, when reviewing your technology support needs, it makes so much sense to move your technology to a cloud provider for accessibility, security, and stability of your workflow. With NthaCloud you also get platinum level support with immediate remote help and onsite support when needed.

For a free no obligation assessment, contact or call 303-565-7261 today.

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